Will the real RAW Marketing please stand up?

by RuthAnn Wiesner 7 May, 2013

There is no greater feeling as an Entrepreneur then to create a successful  thriving company and yet as any many of us know it’s not always cupcakes and sunshine. (Although it would be nice if it was.) Recently our delightful (because they read this blog) talented team of attorneys brought to our attention that many new Internet Marketing/Social Media Marketing/Digital Marketing businesses have appeared on the scene…problem being they are using the name “RAW Marketing” or variations thereof.  In the past years we have ignored several of them, only because they were located overseas or honestly they were struggling to stay in business and we felt that it was only a matter of time before they disappeared naturally.  Yet over the past 6 months the trademark, copyright, intellectual property violations have grown to the point of needing them to be addressed. Is this the part of the post where I’m going to list them all, with links to publicly shame them? No..that’s not our style and creating them added links will only give them undeserved attention.

In the spirit of staying positive and turning those darn lemons into Margaritas…we’ve created an Infographic as a guide to make sure that when looking for any of the RAW Marketing team members, you’re finding the original US based agency.


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